Thinking About Fostering

M & D, Foster Carers

"Our social worker is always on hand to help and support whenever he is needed, he regularly checks in with us to find out how we are doing and if there is anything we need, likewise the agency.. We make it to as many training sessions as possible and are very active when giving our feedback. We have been asked to be mentors to some of the new carers that have joined the agency and look forward to doing so."

LASW, T.R, Foster Carers

"It has been a pleasure working with the carer. She maintains communication and works with the plans implemented."

A, Foster Carers

"We have a good, professional working relationship with our supervising social worker There is a high level of communication by all avenues, telephone, email, text. And there is effective communication. There is a good level of trust between us, I am able to be open and honest in my discussions. Communication is positive, consistent but also realistic. We have a high degree of respect for the supervising social worker role and a level of awareness of our role as foster carers with the agency. There is open dialogue where ideas are heard and respected and suggestions given."

I, Foster Carers

"I Make sure to let my social worker know of any new updates in the house, with myself and my partner and also the children. We are very open with one another, and I feel comfortable to share any information needed, I am very pleased with how good our relationship has been."

V, Foster Carers

"They always checking and calling us that we are ok, or we need any help. Try to keep up with meetings and reporting things to them also keep them up to date with child health and behaviours, school."

S, Foster Carers

"V always gives me constructive feedback which I act upon. V also responds immediately if I have any concerns, I believe he also cares for my wellbeing."

E & M, Foster Carers

"Staff from the agency call us continuously and ask if we need support or advice. We meet our supervising social worker monthly or more often if needed. "

A & F, Foster Carers

“Our SSW has been very helpful to our family”

J & P, Foster Carers

"The agency have been very supportive and will advocate on our behalf to assist us to provide the best standard of care for the children. FFF also provide a comprehensive training programme to ensure that the carers receive the knowledge and expertise that they require. "

A & H, Foster Carers

"As our supervising social worker, N has been an excellent support to us. When we are going through difficult times, especially with the boys or Children Services N will advocate on our behalf. N ensures that we have regular supervision, even when we say we are too busy, cannot find time. He attends the children’s LAC review, PEP or professional’s meetings to advocate on our behalf and when required will professionally challenge Children Services."

R & J, Foster Carers

"We keep up to date with our daily and monthly reports. Our SSW rings us regularly to see if we need any extra help and to check that we are coping well. When advice is needed, he is always available on the phone or by email. NA also keeps in regular contact and has visited with G."

M, Foster Carers

"The training was delivered well…. The agency offers a variety of training sessions in person and online"

E, Foster Carers

"I would like to commend DA on how she delivered the training. She made it exciting and very engaging. She was fabulous!"

S, Foster Carers

"Everything is always well presented and explained, we all had our chances to speak and show our points of view."

D, Foster Carers

"The training the agency provides gives everyone an opportunity to get involved."

I, Foster Carers

"The training was very helpful to improve our skills as a foster carer in an importuned matter"

A, Foster Carers

"The agency provides excellent training and D & C were very professional"

Young person, J, Foster Carers

"My foster carer helps me a lot and I love being with them. They make e feel like I am not alone and I have people who take care of me"

School, Foster Carers

"On behalf of the school, the foster carer’s involvement in young person’s learning at home has had a powerful impact on her learning and development at school. They have also provided moral support, taking an interest, caring about her progress and valuing education."

Z and R, Foster Carers

"We feel that everyone at Family First Fostering have been very supportive this last year. They are always available if we need any questions answered."

E, Foster Carers

"The carer stated that that she is very pleased with the support and guidance that her supervising social work has been providing to her. She commented that the support that has been offered by FFF is much better than the support that she was offered when she was a foster carer for the local authority. It was shared that the carer is also pleased with the support that senior management (Noor and Geeta) has also provided to her. She feels valued and included by FFF senior management. "

J & N, Foster Carers

“Very happy with the support and input given when needed”

AI & CM, Foster Carers

“We are very pleased with the agency the way they help us to build our new careers of being a foster parents”

VQ & SQ, Foster Carers

“I am happy with the agency”

AA, Foster Carer

“I am very happy and satisfied with the level of service we receives from the agency”

A, Foster carer

“I’ve been a foster carer with Family First for a while now and really enjoy working with them. They are a friendly team, always available to offer help and support to foster carers when needed. They offer great training packages to foster carers, which I feel has greatly helped me develop my skills and knowledge as a carer. They organise lots of fun activities and annual social events for all foster carers and children to participate in. Overall, it’s a great company to work with.”

D, Foster carer

Since I’ve been with family first I find they go above and beyond to help and assist in all matters also there always there at the end of a phone regardless of time there a very committed team and you never feel alone even when things sometimes go wrong or you just need some reassurance there for you there a very hands on team and what I love about family first is that they truly go out there way to make sure that people understand their roles and everything is explained when it comes to the children they also make there selves known to the children and builds up a relationship with the child so when we all meet up children don’t feel lost they just fit in and understand there situation and how everyone cares for them and their future.

R, Foster carer

“We have worked with FFF for the past 7years as foster carers. During this time we have faced many challenges with the children we've cared for also much joy in their achievements and satisfaction knowing that we are helping them by providing a safe and caring home throughout their journey in the care system. We have been fully supported by our agency throughout our journey as carers.  They have provided excellent relevant training to help us learn how to be effective and understanding in our relationships with the children placed with us.  We are confident, that if needed, help and support is provided 24/7 by people we know and who know us.   Also the opportunity to meet with the other carers in our monthly support group gives us the chance to discuss and share how we have dealt with situations. We can all learn from each other.  Another positive is the fantastic day trips arranged for us all to meet up and enjoy.   A real Family First experience! Honestly,  we can say this is a great opportunity to do a worthwhile job with a great agency. “

V&R, Foster carers

“My journey began two and a half years ago when I decided to go into fostering. Had friend who was social worker and through ideas fostering, and I decided to find out more. The Agency Manager came to visit, and we started the process. The training given was very formative and interesting. In December 2017 I went to panel, and by January 2018 I was fostering a boy who have been living with us for over two and half years. we are really enjoying so far.   My experience with the company have all been positive, and all the staff are very helpful, and encouraging. I am lucky to work for a really caring and committed team at family first fostering who helped and advise me every step of the way. I am glad I chose family first fostering and recommended to my children who want to be foster carers now and are completing the process.”

A, Foster carer for K

“When K first arrived in our care, he was very withdrawn and would cry at loud noises. He was also very tense and watchful. However, as his relationship with the family developed and he started to feel safe and secure, he started to blossom and reach his developmental milestones”

Foster carer, R

“I can always call Shabeer anytime of the day or night for advice. He visits me often and supported me”, He’s built a relationship with Y.”

J, foster carer

“The agency is also very supportive and would go above and beyond to support foster carers. For example, when my foster child displayed challenging behaviour, I received a call from the director, (Noor Snr) to see how I was doing as well as my supervising social worker offered to pop down with urgency to support me. This made me feel a part of the agency very much and not working in isolation.”

foster carers, E and A

“As a family, fostering has brought us closer as we have seen how children and families are impacted and even though we were very close know see even more how important each one-off is. Fostering as a whole is going very well and we feel very lucky\blessed with the children that have been placed with us.”

Foster carer, A

“I currently care for unaccompanied minors from abroad. English is not their first language, when they first arrived, I used Google translate and gestures to communicate with them. Now their English is improving a lot. I enjoy the work I do with the children.”

foster carer, A

“The trainings are very educational.”

Foster carers, A and F

“Supervising social worker has been very supportive to us with our fostering needs.”

R & V, Foster carer

“Noor & Geeta are always to hand if we need anything. They often pop buy and to see how we are doing. The agency is great.”

M&D, Foster carers

“Fostering is challenging but also rewarding. We have got a lot of support from the agency and they are always available to help us meet the needs of the children currently placed.”

M, Foster carer

“I have been fostering for over 15 years with different agencies. I am happy with this agency and feel respected. Noor is always to hand to support and often visits. Not only in emergencies.”

“I was recommended to Family First Fostering due to the support and they have lived up to their reputation. It has only been a year with them, but they have given me suitable placements and they support me. The team is very experienced and if I have any issues I just go to Noor or Geeta”.

Foster carers, A and T

“All the boys are very independent for example they do their own chores such as cooking , washing dishes ,and doing their own laundry. We regularly sit down and eat together and catch up .As foster parents we are happy to see positive changes in their lives and it has been very rewarding and fulfilling for us to facilitate this. We feel we have learned a lot by actually performing the role of a foster carer. We feel we have gained the most experience and development dealing with the different situations and day to day scenarios”

Foster carer, N

“The experience that I have gained with fostering has been great full of knowledge.”

foster carers, A and T

“We work close together with the supervising social worker. We share every information with the social worker, and they support us by giving different suggestions, how to solve the problems and be successful.”

S&N, Foster carers

“Family First Fostering is what it says. They treat everyone like family members. Our journey with the agency has been fantastic. We had no fostering experience and the process was explained to us at the initial visit. Now we have three wonderful boys in placement who are long term and are part of the family. They get along with my birth children and this job is rewarding to all.”

C&K, Foster carers

“Our friends have been foster carers have fostering with Family First for a long time and we have supported them. We decided to become foster carers after seeing our friends look after the children and see them grown up. Fostering has been a new experience which has been eye opening. I feel blessed to have the children in placement and the agency is great.”

D, Foster carer

“I have been fostering for 7 years with Family first fostering and the experience has been great. It has had its challenges but the agency has been there to support me. I am happy with the placements I have. The key is to find what works for your family household and to share the love.”

C, Foster carer

“Never have I been made to feel like anything is too much trouble or I am asking the wrong questions which is so lovely. I think the whole Family First Fostering team are super supportive and I know that I definitely made the right decision moving across."

S, Foster carer

“I have enjoyed fostering and enjoyed working with you and your team at Family First Fostering. It is a great agency that is really supportive and I would not hesitate to recommend the agency”

A, Foster carer

“We are happy with all the training received from Family First Fostering and during times with no placement the agency is very supportive to us.”

E&M foster carers

“Our supervising social worker is in weekly contact with us with referrals and supervision visits. I believe we have open communication with her in terms of our fostering role and how things are progressing. Family First Fostering offer great training and support.”

H&S, Foster carers

“We have a good working relationship with our supervising social worker, we always keep her up to date with any concerns regarding the children, and communicate via the phone along with support meeting we attend.”

M, Foster carer

‘We have great support from everyone at FFF’

V&S, Foster carer

“The supervising social worker is always pleasant and friendly and makes you feel at ease whenever I have met her at events or training. We attend all the support group and fun days the agency puts on”

The support and training We receive as a fostering family is absolutely outstanding. There is such a friendly atmosphere, we are always welcome.

A, Foster carer

“After my child left home I felt I still had something to give, so went into fostering and found that with love and training I can make a difference to a child/YP's lives.”

O&A, Foster carers

“I am proud to be a foster carer because I love working with children and teenagers giving them a childhood that they have never experienced, with a family feel and also life skills. This is the best feeling in the world and it is very rewarding.”

P&J, Foster carers

“Family First Fostering and the team was able to provide extra support when we were going through personal issues. They were there to support and to ensure the children needs in placement was. They treat me as part of the family”

S&E, Foster carers

“The agency supported us when we had a complaint from the local authority, and they stood by us and taught us with patience and explanation what needs to be changed. This was a difficult period for us, and we did think to give up on fostering. Now everything is good, and we have long term placement. The agency really stuck by us when the times was difficult. I highly recommend the agency”

N, Foster carer

“Our relationship with our social worker is excellent. She is professional, approachable and supportive.”

S&E, Foster carer

“The fostering team are second to none. We get good communication, regular supervision, excellent training and friendly local support groups.”

V, Placement officer at Islington

Working with Family First is always a pleasure.  Shabeer consistently goes above and beyond to help with placements and also arranging to pick up our young people in emergencies and escort to their placement.  You can tell it is a family run business and they work hard to ensure good outcomes for children.  You can also rely on the fact that they will not request extra costs for placements or share these with us if escorts etc are required.  We do send referrals to all LCS providers, but they consistently are the first response and will work hard to support us.

B, Staff member

My experience working at FFF has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. The company allows staff, foster carers and young people to grow, develop and achieve in any way they wish providing positive support along the way. I cannot thank the company enough for allowing me the opportunity to learn and grow in a professional way and I’ll be forever grateful for that. All in all, I will be eternally thankful for the support Noor, Geeta and their family have given me at the start of my professional journey, and I cannot wait to continue and grow within a company that changes so many lives.

T, staff member

Working at Family First Fostering has been a pleasure we have been able to support, and guide foster carers and we have been able to help so many looked after children. It has enabled me to learn and develop as a person. The company has supported me through my social work degree and allowed me to gain the skills and experience to develop my professional career. All in all, touching so many young lives and watching them grow is the more rewarding part of my job and I hope to encourage more young people to become foster carers and to embark on this journey

C, staff member

When I worked with Family First Fostering, I can tell they really support their foster families and went above and beyond. The carers are committed and really care for the children they looked after. Personally, I really developed at the agency and very thankful for support from the managers.

A, Placement officer at Croydon

Family First Fostering is very professional and reliable. They have been helpful in their placement searches for looked after children and careful consider the needs of the young people before accepting the placement. Noor is always available if there is an issue that needs to be resolved. They have good outcomes for the children they care for and we want to continue to work in partnership with them.

A, placement officer at Newham

The placement team at Family First Fostering is great and reliable. They have good communication skills and work open and honestly with us. I have worked with the organisation over 6 years and they really think about the needs of the children first. They have some strong carers who are able to meet the needs of complex placements.

R- Leytonstone, London

Caring for children is an awesome responsibility. Family First Fostering has an excellent and professional team that are dedicated to support their foster carers all the way. I feel valued and respected for the fantastic job that I do day in and day out.

O & A – Enfield

I am very happy with Family Firsts Fostering service because everything comes on time. Every application form, assessment and the communication with agency was in time and people from the agency are very kind and I am happy to work with them.

A & C- Woodford Green, London

We are a mother/daughter team with Family First Fostering. From the very beginning of our joining to now. 5 years on. We have fostered girls from infancy to 17 year olds with confidence and the knowledge that we have been guided supported and trained to help young people and make a positive difference to their lives. Every question or query we have had has been answered. Total support is given and the knowledge gained from training gives us the confidence to foster and continue to foster for many years to come. Definitely come and join our family!