Thinking About Fostering

What our children & young people say about us

We believe that some of the best people to tell you about Family First Parenting are the children and young people that our foster carers look after.


"I can talk to them if I need help with anything. They help in many ways"


"They are there every time I need their help and always support me."


"My foster care has helped me with every single thing that I needed."


"They have helped when we are feeling sad or angry, and also help us with things such as school work"


"Since I walked in this house, they been helping me with everything, they been with me every step away. I don’t know what I would do without them. I’m very grateful."


"They help with everything, school work, games and my feelings"


"I want to say that I love them both, J is beautiful, and R is smart and helps me with my Spider Man things."


“I am treated like a member of the foster family”


“My foster carer takes on board what I have to say”


“My foster carer helps me to feel good about myself”


“My culture and religious beliefs are respected and supported”


“My foster carer supports me with my school work”


“My foster carer helps me understand my feelings”

S, age 14

“She helps me when I feel down. When I need something, she helps me to get it or do it”.

K, Social worker for V

“V supports all educational meetings”

Y, aged 17

“R considering me as his son”

V, teacher for Y

“The carer has always supported the school by ensuring that boys complete their homework, attend revision (where applicable) and homework club”

A, aged 17

“They are really supportive and since the first day I came to their house, I have been treated like a member of their family”

H, aged 7

“When I am at hospital J and R help me. They help me with homework. They are the best foster carers in the world”

T, aged 7

“I get a lot of food. I like my foster carers. They help me to speak properly”

B, Social Worker for E aged 7

“V & O are able to use a range of methods to make E feel comfortable and safe enough to share is wishes and feelings. They are able to use their individual strengths to support E through some very complex emotions and experiences. They are very child focussed. “

P, teacher for E

“J always makes sure that E attends all appointments required. He engages with the school on all required levels, encouraging meetings and parents’ evening etc.”

P, Social worker for E

“Both carers were able to support E’s enrolment to a local college and worked with her within the home to improve her language development. They have shown patience and understanding”

G, aged 15

“They respect me. They always give me good advice”

A, aged 16

“They are helping me with English and how to look after myself”

G, teacher for A

“Gs good behaviour, healthy look and academic achievements are reflection of very good care from his foster carers”

S, social worker for R

“The foster carer ensures the young person is up to date with their health appointments, health assessment and immunisations. They encourage a healthy lifestyle and along with being supportive with the young person’s emotional wellbeing. They have been able to support the young person in developing their independence skills”

E, aged 16

“They have been supporting me with everything I needed too. The communication is really good and I feel secured in this family.”

B, aged 16

“They take very good care of me. Help me with everything I need”

T, aged 11

“I like the food; they are nice and thanks to them I know loads of new and nice people. They are there for me when I’m sad or depressed”

A, Social worker for N

“The foster carer has worked effectively with N which is why he is thriving at the placement and doing well at school. The foster carer listens to wishes and feelings of N ”

A, aged 16

“What I like about living with my foster carer is that I am able to have fun. R encouraging me to be active. R has encouraged me to do better for my English retake.” “R has also helped me build new skills that I could use in the future. Learning how to cook as well.”

Z, aged 14

“R has helped me to go to clubs and to keep myself active like going to the gym.”

S, social worker for E

“E and A ensure that E’s needs are met in placement. He is very happy living with them and is able to communicate any wishes or feelings he has with them.”

A, social worker for G

“The carers do take into account the views and wishes of the young person, they are very good at taking fair and reasonable decision and they appropriately include the young person in decision making”

F, teacher for S

“S has made good academic progress since being placed with J. the change in S’s concentration and approach to learning have been remarkable. S being much more settled in her environment has led her to be much more settled at school. S reads regularly at home and completes homework”.

S, aged 11

“She’s fun, funny, loving, caring, fun activities and she is just like my mum.” “SHE IS REALLY NICE!”

A, aged 11

“She buys us clothes and she is nice. She helps me not cry no more and cheers me up”

G, aged 14

“They’re really supportive and positive all the time and it’s always fun going to the pictures with them or having a day out.”

S, aged 15

“Very supportive and caring. Helped me become more independent in looking after myself.”

Social worker, D, for A

“Since A has been placed with V and R, he has settled in well. V has found a way of communicating well with A despite both of their language barriers. V took excellent care of A’s leg burns and supported him with his treatment. A reports to be happy in placement and that he is well looked after”

Foster carers, V and R

“We built good relationships with children and worked with them to work on English and education. It was a positive to work with children who had come to the UK for the first time because we were able to understand how they feel and share our own experiences. Also communicating with professionals and working with them to have meetings for the children. It was good to teach them values and talk to them about the importance of education in the UK.”

Teacher, P, for E and E

“ J is very supportive of school and as far as we are aware all medical appointments are being attended, J is easy to get a hold of and is always willing to meet or discuss the two children”.

Social worker, K

“Foster carers are able to provide a safe environment for the babies where no harm will come to them. Foster carers, A and D, appear to enjoy taking care of the babies. This is a job they clearly enjoy even though it comes with challenges. There is a lot of warmth in the way they engage with the babies who are much more settled now. They appear to be safe and cared for in this placement.”

S, aged 16

“She is very kind and good. Treats me like family, I am very happy.”

A, aged 13

“I feel comfortable.” “I have been given the right supply of food and the food is good and I am happy about that.”

M, aged 11

“I like the food that uncle E cooks.”

M, aged 16

“They give me advice and encourage me in order to improve my English. Furthermore, I Enjoy going outside and have fun with them, so they are really thoughtful. I enjoy playing with my foster carer’s kids, watch TV and play football.”

M, aged 16

“A looked after me like a sister. I am very happy living here with A.”

J, aged 17

“I like the harmony that runs in this family and easy understanding and communication with each other.”

H, learning mentor for L

“Foster carers have provided L with a stable, warm, loving home which is something she didn’t have before. They have been consistent with managing any difficulties which has helped L feel more secure about herself. She now willingly offers them affection which is reciprocated. They also took a very active interest in her education to push and encourage her to reach her full potential”

Social worker, M

“A is generally supportive of the welfare and development of the children. She always takes their wishes , feelings and preferences into consideration.”

Foster carer, S

“It’s lovely to see children becoming independent and getting more confident socially”. “Training is ongoing and there’s always new things to learn with fostering.”

V, aged 17

“I enjoy living with the other foster children and like playing with I.” “I feel comfortable and safe living here.”

A, aged 16

“My foster carer asks about what activities I’m doing and is interested in what I do”

S, aged 16

“I like everything, aunty cooking support everything she is like my mum now.”

M, aged 14

“I LOVE the way how everyone sees each other everyday like it’s normal. Everyone has embraced the idea that we are a family and should take this awkwardness away and replace it with conversation.”

social worker, A

“Foster carer has always communicated effectively with N by ensuring he understands what has been said to him. The foster carer has also respected N’s wishes at all times so long as they are reasonable, and they are in his best interest.”

B, assistant principal

“I communicate with S via email and phone and she attends the academy regularly. She is always at meetings; she comes to the school to enquire if she feels something is not right. She checks after their welfare and meets with the necessary people. She also encourages the children to have a voice. She always involves them in decision making”

B, aged 15

“My foster carer is good, I like the food she makes. I like her big family, they all came and visited me in hospital when I was ill.”

V, aged 16

“I feel comfortable living in this house, I can cook anytime anything and have become more confident during living with my carer”

social worker, V

“P’s views are very much listened to, he is supported, encouraged and included. Foster carers advocate for his needs to be fully met in all aspects.”

A, aged 17

“I like living my placement because she helps with organising and attending appointments. She helps me with my confidence and supports me. I’m grateful for her.”

I aged 15

“I have lived with my foster carers for nearly 4 years.  I feel like I am their own child.  Being treated this way is important to my future and helps me feel like I ‘belong’ in the same way my friends do with their family”.

G, aged 15

“I’ve been in care for 9 years and had 3 different foster placements.  I live with my foster carers, A and G and I’ve been part of their family for just over a year.  I’m planning to stay there for good.  All foster children should experience this”.

P, aged 16

“I always attend the events put on by the agency. Every year we go to a different theme park. I feel included in the agency. “